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Eliminate your dust problems!

Are you tired of battling relentless dust clouds on your construction site, unpaved roads, or industrial facilities? Say goodbye to the endless cycle of dust suppression treatments that wash away with every passing rainstorm. Welcome to the future of dust abatement with Earthbind – the ultimate solution that stands the test of time and weather.

At Blacktop Northwest, we understand the frustration of constantly reapplying dust control products that simply don’t last. That’s why we offer Earthbind, a revolutionary material designed to outperform traditional dust suppressants in every aspect. With Earthbind, you can trust that your dust problem will be a thing of the past.

What sets Earthbind apart from the competition? Unlike other products that easily wash away with the slightest hint of rain, Earthbind is engineered to provide long-lasting dust control even in the face of heavy downpours. Our advanced formula penetrates deep into the surface, creating a durable bond that resists erosion and maintains effectiveness over time.

Recently sprayed dust control solution.
This dust abatement is just a few minutes old and will turn jet black when dry.

But that’s not all. Earthbind is also environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and safe for use around people, pets, and wildlife. With Earthbind, you can achieve superior dust suppression without compromising on environmental responsibility.

Whether you’re managing a construction site, maintaining unpaved roads, or overseeing industrial operations, Earthbind is your go-to solution for dust abatement. Experience the difference for yourself and see why countless customers trust Earthbind to keep their surroundings clean, safe, and dust-free.

Ready to say goodbye to dust headaches once and for all? Contact us today to learn more about Earthbind and how it can revolutionize your dust control efforts. With Earthbind, you can enjoy lasting results and peace of mind knowing that your dust problems are finally under control.

Are you tired of all the dust during the summer months but not quite ready
to spend the money on paving?

Call Blacktop Northwest for dust abatement solutions.
We can usually suppress the dust for the entire summer in one visit.

With a full range of product options, we can make breathing a lot easier
around your home.

We are located in Aurora, Oregon but work all over the state.

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Dust Abatement

Is your driveway or parking lot a dusty mess and don’t want to pave it. Give us a call, we can suppress the dust for the whole season. If you would like to get on the schedule please visit our contact page. OregonDustControl.com/contact

Chip Seal

Chip seal is one of our specialties. We can chip seal just about any hard surface. We can overlay existing asphalt with chip seal. Chip seal can also be applied over gravel as long as it is an established driveway or parking lot. If you would like learn more about our chip seal service please visit us at. www.OregonChipseal.com

Asphalt Paving

Looking for a new blacktop driveway. We have got you covered. With decades of experience and references we can pave just about anything. If you would like a quote on your asphalt paving project feel free to visit us at our other site. www.PavingInOregon.com

This is short list of the our favorite places to work. If you have a dusty gravel drive lane we can fix it for you.

Aumsville, Oregon
Aurora, Oregon
Detroit, Oregon
Donald, Oregon
Gates, Oregon
Gervais, Oregon
Hubbard, Oregon
Idanha, Oregon
Jefferson, Oregon
Keizer, Oregon
Mill City, Oregon
Mt. Angel, Oregon
St. Paul, Oregon
Salem, Oregon
Scotts Mills, Oregon
Silverton, Oregon
Stayton, Oregon
Sublimity, Oregon
Turner, Oregon
Woodburn, Oregon
Dallas, Oregon
Falls City, Oregon
Independence, Oregon
Monmouth, Oregon
Willamina, Oregon
Eola, Oregon
Fort Hill, Oregon
Grand Ronde, Oregon
Rickreall, Oregon
Coburg, Oregon
Cottage Grove, Oregon
Creswell, Oregon
Dunes City, Oregon
Eugene, Oregon
Florence, Oregon
Junction City, Oregon
Lowell, Oregon
Oakridge, Oregon
Springfield, Oregon
Veneta, Oregon
Westfir, Oregon
Albany, Oregon
Brownsville, Oregon
Gates, Oregon
Halsey, Oregon
Harrisburg, Oregon
Idanha, Oregon
Lebanon, Oregon
Lyons, Oregon
Mill City, Oregon
Millersburg, Oregon
Scio, Oregon
Sodaville, Oregon
Sweet Home, Oregon
Tangent, Oregon
Waterloo, Oregon